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Wednesday 29 May
The Flora of Sichuan – in the footsteps of the great plant hunter Ernest Wilson with Geoff Crowhurst

We are delighted that Geoff has accepted our invitation to speak again at Burnley. Who could forget his wonderful presentation last year on wildflowers and gardens of Iran! Geoff has made many trips to less-travelled parts of the world, generally in search of rare and beautiful vegetation.

Geoff writes: “China has one of the richest floras of any country, and in the mountains of Sichuan province many incredibly beautiful plants can still be found. Coming from so much flat and dry land here it is exhilarating to be out on steep mountain sides, and in the valleys to hear the gurgle and swish of fast running streams. I was fortunate to be with a Naturetrek (UK) small group, have a wonderful local guide, and go to places few foreign visitors get to see. We also followed for more than half the time routes taken over 100 years ago by the plant hunter Ernest Wilson, whose best known introduction is Lilium regale, which he found growing by the thousand in the Min River Valley. It still grows there in huge numbers on steep mountain-sides. We also had the good fortune to see five different Meconopsis species (the fabled Himalayan Poppy.)”

Place: Burnley Campus, 500 Yarra Boulevard, Richmond
7pm for nibbles; 7.30pm for the talk in MB11
Cost: $10 (members); $20 (non-members)

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