Courses offered at Burnley Campus

The University of Melbourne offers a wide range of courses in horticulture and landscape management at the Burnley campus to suit your interests and previous level of study.

Here are some current examples…


 Graduate Certificate in Garden design 2014-1smlGraduate Certificate in Arboriculture

The Graduate Certificate in Arboriculture has been designed for professionals currently managing, or planning to learn how to manage, urban trees.

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Graduate Certificate in Garden design 2014-1smlGraduate Certificate in Garden Design

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burnley_treesDiscovering Horticulture

Discovering Horticulture is an excellent introductory course for those wishing to learn more about horticulture. A perennial favourite, Discovering Horticulture has been running at the University of Melbourne’s Burnley Campus for over two decades and runs twice a year.  The course comprises ten sessions:

  • Attaining a healthy soil
  • Plant identification
  • Plant propagation
  • Mulch, pots, water and nutrition
  • Plant form and function
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Garden history
  • Landscaping
  • Annuals, bulbs and perennials
  • Plants for a dry garden

Who Should Apply:  If you are a budding horticulturist and garden lover, Discovering Horticulture is a must for you.
Entry Requirements: 
There are no entry requirements for this introductory course.

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