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March meeting

john rayner portraitAt our March meeting, hear interesting and entertaining Burnley Lecturer John Rayner talk about his experiences developing his garden at Emerald, with the (tongue-in-cheek?) title Growing, killing, learning and succeeding with plants at Emerald. 

John’s 2 acre garden at Emerald is a burst of tingles and surprises. Most of the garden plants are structured around form and texture, low maintenance and no irrigation. He has a scientific approach to design using the right plant in the right place. He advocates dividing and massing (for spectacular effect and to save money). His edible garden includes espaliered fruit trees and imaginative approaches to old ideas.

About John: Burnley graduate John Rayner is the Director of Horticulture – Burnley Campus As well as lecturing in horticulture, John  is a researcher in green roofs and walls (green infrastructure).

No doubt we can all learn a lot from John’s experiences!

When: Wednesday 15 March
Time: 7 pm for 7.30 pm
Entry: $5/$15



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