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The Friends produce 3 Newsletters each year. ‘Papyrus’ contains information about the Gardens, features on plants and people and details of horticultural events around Melbourne.

The latest edition of Papyrus is available for Members only  and what a bumper edition it is! As well as the usual reports on our regular activities:
    • Garden Manager Andrew Smith tells us about a new development in the gardens based on John Rayner and Dr Claire Farrell’s Woody Meadow concept.
    • Chris Williams tells us about ten years of teaching vegetable production in the Field Station at Burnley. Chris is also keen on promoting what he refers to as “novel” crops, and has even given us two recipes for one of them.
    • Associate Professor Stephen Livesey and post-graduate student Paul Cheung. report on ‘Burnley’s Irrigation Cooling Experiment’, confirming yet again the relevance of the research work being conducted out of the University of Melbourne’s Burnley Campus.
    • In the latest in our series My Garden our secretary Jacquie Chirgwin tells us about the development of her garden from a bare patch of not-very-good soil to the very beautiful Open Gardens standard creation it is today.  An inspiring, beautifully illustrated story.
    • Our new series ‘Graduate of the Month’ highlights Burnley’s greatest contribution to horticulture in Australia: its graduates. This month’s Graduate is Dr Liz Denman, currently Green Infrastructure specialist in the Environment Sustainability and Urban Design Team with the Department of Transport. Such important work. These graduate profiles are also posted on our Facebook page, and if you missed any, previous profiles are archived on our website.
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