A new wisteria arbour in the Garden

The original pergola

If you know the Burnley Gardens, you will know that a wisteria-covered timber pergola has stood beside the Sunken Garden for many years.

wisteria walk 2
The Wisteria Walk in spring, 2014
Wisteria Walk 3
The Wisteria Walk in Summer

Because the timber was beginning to decay, the pergola was reaching the end of its useful life.

Thanks to the Friends, funds have been made available to replace the pergola, and the work is almost completed. This is a major project, and is very exciting.


This area of the gardens will be transformed!

Removing the old structure

demolition 2 sml
Removing the old posts.

It didn’t take long for the old pergola to be demolished. The cleared site looked very bare, but the workmen quickly swung into action, digging the holes for the new posts.

demolition 3 sml
The site cleared, the alignment of the new structure was marked out.
digger 2 sml
Digging the holes for the new posts.

 At last the new pergola takes shape

View from the side of the finished structure.

With the new double posts in place, and the concrete dry, the first hoop of the new arched top is attached.

Attaching the first hoop.


Now for paving and planting…

What a setting this will make for functions and celebrations.

Some new lights

Some very handsome light fittings have been installed on the pergola!

Light fitting in situ on one of the posts.
The lights are a very handsome addition to the pergola.