Welcome to the Friends of Burnley Gardens

The FOBG is a welcoming group of friends and neighbours of the Burnley Gardens, including former and present students and staff of the Burnley Campus, who love gardens and gardening. We are dedicated to supporting the historic Burnley Gardens, and we have a lot of fun in doing so!


Virtual talk

Have you been frustrated by the need for a password to see the Zoom recording of our Birding talk? Well grit your teeth no more – here it is!  

LINK TO TALK: https://zoom.us/rec/share/_tdIM56o32xLWYXT-GXwZ_BiIrrZeaa82nIX_aEPyEZMMR48kmiygCDQFtvgcFsS


I’m sure many of us left the meeting wanting to become Birders, and the presenters have kindly provided us with links to the video and the Zoom presentation, in case you missed it, or would like to see it again.. Read more

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Bio-security Webinar

An organisation known as the Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network is running a series of Webinars, beginning on May 20.  These sound really interesting and relevant read more




Covid19 message from President Sandra McMahon

Dear Members and Friends,
In the face of the really serious global threat from the COVID19 pandemic, and the current ruling from the Government against pubic gatherings of more than two people, we must sadly postpone our usual activities until we are permitted to resume. At this stage it is safe to assume that none of the events scheduled before Spring will take place. Rest assured that your committee will work hard to compensate for this down the track! We’ll keep you informed. In the meantime, stay well!
With best wishes,
Sandra McMahon
President FOBG.

2020 Autumn Newsletter is here!  more
From the Propagation group

Grow a handsome tree with some Aussie history attached. The Plant Propagation Group has Gallipoli Oaks Quercus coccifera subsp. calliprinos for sale for $5 each. more




Find out what other like-minded groups have been up to.  The Australian Association of Friends of Botanic Gardens are now producing a fortnightly newsletter.  more



There’s an Australian Plant Society Seminar all about them, coming up soon more