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The FOBG is a welcoming group of friends and neighbours of the Burnley Gardens, including former and present students and staff of the Burnley Campus, who love gardens and gardening. We are dedicated to supporting the historic Burnley Gardens, and we have a lot of fun in doing so!

Special interest this week


OCTOBER 23-27 – SYSTEM GARDEN CELEBRATION  Not Burnley, but our colleagues at the Mother Ship (Parkville Campus) would like us to know they are celebrating the Garden’s 160th Anniversary with some special events on 23-27th October. They would love to see us there.  read more

COLIN JOHNSON LANDSCAPE PAINTING Unfortunately this workshop has had to be cancelled due to illness.


SPECIAL 125th ANNIVERSARY SEMINARS As part of Burnley’s 125th Anniversary celebrations, the Campus presents a series of 4 highly relevant seminars around the topic of urban greenspace, from mitigation of climate change, to urban biodiversity.  read more


Saturday December 3rd  Summer pruning with Chris England   more

Sunday December 4th End of year/Christmas celebration.  more



Banner photos: left Sue Murphy, centre and right Burnley Plant Guide
Background: Rhododendron Mollis Hybrids,from the Burnley Plant Guide 
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