Welcome to the Friends of Burnley Gardens

The FOBG is a welcoming group of friends and neighbours of the Burnley Gardens, including former and present students and staff of the Burnley Campus, who love gardens and gardening. We are dedicated to supporting the historic Burnley Gardens, and we have a lot of fun in doing so!


Update: cancellation of our birds in our gardens talk.
Amendment to the Corona virus notice

Dear Members and Friends, we have received an amendment to the previous post on the Corona virus from President Sandra McMahon with respect to our activities. Sandra writes:

“In the face of the really serious global focus on the COVID19 pandemic, and constant efforts of governments here and all around the world, I believe that it behoves us, as a responsible community organisation, to toe the government line on non-essential gatherings, at least until the worst is deemed to be over. Were we to proceed, we would in a sense be weakening the community effort.

The Committee greatly appreciates the willingness of our three presenters to participate, and we hope that before too long we will be able to reschedule what was clearly shaping up to be a very popular event.

At this stage it would be safe to assume that none of the events scheduled before Spring will take place. Rest assured that your committee will work hard to compensate for this down the track! We’ll keep you informed.

In the meantime, stay well!

With best wishes,
Sandra McMahon
President FOBG.”



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