Welcome to the Friends of Burnley Gardens

The FOBG is a welcoming group of friends and neighbours of the Burnley Gardens, including former and present students and staff of the Burnley Campus, who love gardens and gardening. We are dedicated to supporting the historic Burnley Gardens, and we have a lot of fun in doing so!


Beautiful Ballarat

The Australian Association of Friends of Botanic Gardens has sent us a link that includes an overview of the Botanic gardens more

Historical events

kew historical society jpg-1Historic gardens of Kew.

Kew HIstorical Society presents an exhibition that explores the history of private gardens and gardening in Kew more

Richmond Historical Society

presents two events of interest to FOBG members more

Newsletter from the Geelong Conference

This newsletter should have been available for you to read some time ago, but fell victim to the computer gremlins which caused a non-functioning link. It is now working, so take a look. it is an interesting read. Its called Eucalypt no 46 more


As part of Burnley’s 125th Anniversary celebrations, the Campus presents a series of 4 highly relevant seminars around the topic of urban greenspace, from mitigation of climate change, to urban biodiversity. The first seminar was held on Tuesday 7th June. read more


pendantTo mark the 125th anniversary of teaching at Burnley Campus, the friends have commissioned a beautiful pendant, crafted from the wood of one of our venerable Significant Trees, the Sugar Gum, which had to be removed, and which also provided us with our splendid Gardens dining setting.

Read more about the Pendant, and how purchase one.


Another chance to study with renowned artist Mali Moir read more

waspEuropean Wasp Control

Gardens manager Andrew Smith has passed on some advice on this very seasonal topic. read more


A very interesting newsletter has arrived from the Australian Association of Friends of Botanic Gardens Geelong Conference. It’s long, but well worth a read. read more

Newsletters from other Friends Groups. The latest to arrive is a very interesting newsletter from Hamilton Botanic Gardens. read more


 don’t forget

  • the Burnley Gardens are open to the public, to explore, enjoy and relax in.
  • you can book a tour of the Gardens for your group, escorted by our knowledgeable Friendly Guides
  • or print out a copy of our brochure guide to the Gardens, and take your own self-guided walk.
  • you can help our hard-working Committee by paying for any special events or outings in advance. Visit Payments for details.
  • you can hire the Gardens as a stunning setting for your wedding or special gathering.


To hire the Gardens for your occasion, email Ross Payne rpayne@unimelb.edu.au

Public enquiries: phone reception on 9035 6800

Andrew Smith is the contact for the FOBG. Phone Andrew on 03 9035 6861 for FOBG business, or email a.smith@unimelb.edu.au


Parking is available on the Yarra Boulevard for Burnley Campus events, or on Campus if you have a Disabled Parking Permit.



Banner photos: left Sue Murphy, centre and right Burnley Plant Guide
Background: Viburnum opulus, wild form, from the Burnley Plant Guide 
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